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About Us

Corporation-level support, while providing small-business care.

Our Mission

Getting you back to the things you originally loved about the profession.

OMS360’s partnership brings strategic resources to you. Our oral surgeon founders understand the difficulty in operating a successful Oral Maxillofacial Surgery practice alone. Through an empowering partnership, you not only unlock support to elevate your business but also returns that you cannot achieve as a private practice owner. Best of all, you can focus on the oral surgery itself.

Our Difference


Meet your OMS360 team.

Trevor Maurer

Chief Executive Officer


Chief people & culture Officer

Jeff Irving

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Mioton


Charlie Shreve


Gavin Morton

Vice President of Operations

Michael Alexander


Chris Maher

Senior Vice President Business Development

Nick Biumi

Manager of Business Development

Matthew Dean

Senior Business Development Analyst

Letty Templet

Revenue Cycle Manager

Denea Duran

Marketing and Communication Specialist

Board of Directors

Dr. Robert Clark

Chief Growth Officer

Dr. Joshua Everts

Chief Growth Officer

Mitch Olan

Exec Chairman & Former CEO

Greg Nodland


Terry Hyman

Managing Partner

Atul Sharma, M.D.

Physician Partner & Board Member

Cale Werder

Chief Growth Officer

Tom Olsen

Chief Growth Officer